Protecting what matters most

Welcome to Fortify

We’re a modern, innovative business, founded on putting our customers first. We believe that insurance doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. Our approach is to be ethical, open and fair.

Our vision is to take the complexity out of insurance, with refreshing clarity. So you know what you need, know what you’re buying and can be confident you have the right cover when you need it most. Some may say this is a revolutionary view - we think it’s how all insurance should work - no complication, no worries.

Rest assured you’re in safe hands. We are experts in what we do. We have big plans, so expect more from Fortify in the future, as we bring a new approach to the insurance landscape.

Fortify - Income Protection

Income Protection you can count on

Income Protection does what it says – it protects your income in the event you’re unable to work. If you want to cover your salary so you don’t fall behind with your outgoings, it could be the product you need.

Income Protection insurance can provide you with a tax-free monthly sum of up to 70% of your gross salary.

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Fortify - Travel Insurance

Insurance tailored to your travel needs

Travelling without insurance cover is very risky and could leave you massively out of pocket if the unthinkable happens. The costs can run into considerable sums of money should you require hospitalisation or need to be returned home by air ambulance.

Setting up a policy can help you cover losses and expenses in the event of you falling ill or experiencing a holiday mishap.

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Fortify - Car Hire Excess

Relax. We’ll save you hundreds if not thousands!

Driving at home can be a challenge let alone when you’re abroad, so don’t be caught out by high excess charges should you damage your rented car.

We’ll protect you against any unexpected excess charges should you have a bump, plus lots of additional cover too all from just £2.90 per day!

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